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Be proud! Our Park Hill School District is ranked #11 (out of 576) for the Best School Districts in Missouri by Niche. It’s one reason people come here. Unfortunately, senate bill (SB) 612 and house bill (HB) 2247 threaten the quality of public education for our children.


The good news: Missouri has the 7th largest road and bridge system in the United States. The bad news: the state ranks 47th in revenue invested per mile. Our traffic congestion, rough roadway surfaces, and crumbling shoulders cry for help.

Workers' Rights

When workers prosper, Missouri prospers. Let’s keep skilled workers in our state by supporting a prevailing wage (i.e., the minimum wage and benefits contractors must provide to workers on public sector construction projects). Prevailing wage laws ensure that bids for government construction projects are based on equipment, materials, and project management—no low-balling at the expense of Missouri workers.

About Mitch

Mitch Weber is a Midwest boy through and through. As a child growing up on a farm, Mitch learned the value of hard work. A strong work ethic and service to others have been driving forces throughout his life. As a broadcast journalist for the past 16 years—including stints with FOX 4, 41 Action News, and Kansas City Live—Mitch is all ears. He listens to people and learns what’s important to them.

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Trina Lance Leadership

From what I've seen, Mitch Weber is a born leader. His vision is to build strong communities by helping people succeed. He truly wants to understand all sides of an issue and find common ground. I've found that Mitch leads with a vision, inviting people to join him. For Mitch, it's not "GO!" ... it's "LET'S GO!"

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